Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mariposa Paper Stack by DCWV

I got my hands on several packs of this paper. What I will do with it? I have no idea lol.
For several months now I have watched you tube video's on how to make different scrapbook pages, mini albums, tags, crafts etc. My scrap collection is growing but I haven't, well let's just say that I like to look at paper LOL
I suddenly have this addiction to paper, then it turned to different types of glues/adhesives, and on to embellishments, bling, cutting tools, stamps, etc etc. You all know what I'm talking about *grin*
But the main thing that started it all was the love for my Cricut machine that my sweetie brought home to me one day.
So for now, Stacks and Stacks of paper surround my desk that I drool over and the paper keeps calling out to me. turn me to a mini hehe
Ok so I made this cute notebook using the paper. I hope to make a mini soon. *sigh*
I'm new to the scrap beach and decided to do a giveaway for the girls over there. I'll post details later.


JAN said...

beautiful notebook would make a fabulous journal and scrap/craft reminder and memorandum..you did a great job..so gorgeous

Ruth said...

I really like your notebook. You've done a wonderful job! I too am addicted to Paper LOL lots and lots of pretty paper. I have a notebook like this for sketches and jounaling ideas.Thanks for sharing

Sandy Ang said...

It's a wonderful notebook cover. You really have an eye for design.